Chili’s – Cheers to American Food

Are you ever asked these days: Do you want to eat American? Maybe not. Enter Chili’s. Want a REAL burger, just to taste a real burger? Go for burger bites! Share it with friends then you get the satisfaction of a burger in a small-ish portion. Then the trio sampler. Make a choice. The best…

Everything’s Fresh at Green Pastures

Farm to table, gluten free, homemade are just some of the words that can be used to describe food from Green Pastures. The pictures in this feature are made from two visits. One is never enough, everything in the menu is worth a try. 💗 Examples of the cool selection: pancakes with avocado and tuna,…

Nitrogen Ice Cream

Quirky Joseph’s ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. It is cool to watch how it is made. Try it once at least. Our salted caramel flavor tasted like chemical though. Located at Shangri-la Plaza Mall Mandaluyong

Refinery – Fine Food and Coffee Place (Joya, Rockwell)

The coffee place where you go to eat first, then get coffee and dessert. The food here is great. Not too complicated, but a little different. For this occasion, we tried the croquettes, and the table regular grilled cheese and angry pasta. Yummm! 💗 For dessert, we wanted it to be different and chose espresso…

Hanamaruken means Soft-Bone Pork Ramen?

I am used to having ramen with 2-3 pieces of round thin pork, but this one is different and amazing! The soft-bone pork is one whole thick piece and is literally soft. The bone, well, it is more ligament than bone. The soup is great, you can order extra. We also had tempura and karaage…

Bizu Patisserie

When want some wicked carbonara, we go to Bizu. It’s our fave!  We are calling more friends to join us. 🍽


So light, so good! Japanese Cheesecake by Kumori